Even3 Accreditation

  • Client : Even3
  • Date : 2019

We've developed a revamp to Even3 old accreditation app, migrating their existing project to a more recent version of Ionic and Angular.

The Even3 Accreditation app uses QR Code to check-in attendees, and mark sessions and submissions as presented, this app is used by the hired staff that works on the event. The app transformed the accreditation process of every Even3 client, making it easier and faster.

A major feature and advantage of this app is the offline mode, it allows the staff to work with offline mode even if their device has a 3G connection, for example, that way the app runs faster (avoiding the use of bad connections and the waiting for real-time synchronization), the staff is able to only sync the data when connected to a wifi connection, saving time and battery.

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