• Client : ProApp
  • Date : 2019

We started this project by developing a web portal for a production nutrition company to manage its clients and automate their evaluation process.

Before they were using form evaluations by hand, after that passing to a spreadsheet and doing all the manipulation needed to generate reports to their clients, sometimes this process took more than a week. With the new system, they are able to replace this process for a single click, after filling the forms with the mobile app and synchronizing it to the cloud the reports are available for sharing.

The web portal has all they needed to replace the old and slow process for a new faster, easier, and scalable one.


  • Custom company data
  • Employee access management
  • Clients
  • Custom Reports
  • PDF and Excel Export
  • Shared Schedule
  • Stats
  • Form evaluation

Mobile App

  • Offline mode
  • Clients
  • Schedule
  • Form evaluation
  • Social sharing (Whatsapp, Email...)
  • Push notifications

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Web & mobile development
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